Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A simple wish!

I play a simple game with my little one. Making wishes on stars, pretty eyelashes and all such things.

The age of innocence is yet to leave and I get to hear all pure little lovely thoughts!

The wishes are so simple they melt my heart.
I hear him wish for things like, " MUM gives me an extra kiss before bedtime ", as we get ready for school, a wish that I don't miss the school bus. Such little things make me laugh as I cuddle him and tell him it will come true.

His wishes have been such simple one's like me coming home early to spend time with him, getting to watch his favourite cartoon on TV, he playing a good tennis session, eating an extra bowl of his favourite fruit. There is nothing materialistic in these wishes, just daily basis things that make him happy.

Only children who are all so pure can have such clear thoughts.They don't relate to any toy purchases or gifts from parents, their happiness lies within them as they do those little things that please them.

I wish we can be the same but as we grow we all change!

MUM you need to be a Sportsgirl!

My little boy all of 6 years, is a tennis champion! His aspirations are simple...become a super player...his idols are all sportsmen, his cousin a super football player who has the coolest NIKE shoes and his DAD.

The discussion are intense on players, points scored, play strategy and rankings! All conversations which I am definitely not a part off!

But it doesn't end at Tennis yet, there are other sports as well. So there is football matches and related tournaments, there is cricket and IPLs. The knowledge expands to cover all sports brands, their logos and even sponsorship...a very vast information base if I may say for that age.

The discussion with friends are also on sportsmen ranking, play techniques used and life goal ambitions to become a sportsman and mini quizzes on sports brands.

How do I fit into all this? Through a step by step strategy...he has one day decided his MUM needs to be a "Sportsgirl" rather than asking him questions which he regards as highly silly!

"Mum, I will teach you cricket, there are two players and they have a bat in their hand.They need to stand behind the line called a crease and hit the ball.Got it?" says the little one as my husband looks on with a surpressed laughter!

I am zapped as I calmly tell him, I understand cricket. "Cool", pops out another question on which I am totally clueless.

" See I have to teach you to become a Sportsgirl", end of conversation!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Welcoming Lord Ram to our House

My little one is a religious soul.He believes in the power of God but rather than considering him to be a revered figure for him God is more of a friendly soul.

So, these days his close friend is Lord Rama...who in most conversation is addressed as " You know what Ram did?" This is generally popped up after every new episode of the mythological series he watches with his grandparents.

He insisted on buying him a bow & arrow like Ram uses...which is promptly corrected and addressed as Ramji😀.

He would discuss with me in deep discomfort about what evil thing did Kaiki Ma do, and how Bharat & Laxma love Ram...all the heavy duty Hindi is replaced with easier to converse explanatory words as he narrates the incidence.

Since he so much enjoyed watching Lord Rama we also scouted for an appropriate "Moorti" for our home temple as coincidentally Lord Ram was the only God statue we didn't have.

After loads of searching his grandfather got him a lovely glittering Lord Ram Darbar - ie a statue of Lord Ram with Sita & Laxman.

Little Boy, actually got grandma to make mithai to welcome Lord Rama, did the Diya in the temple and said a welcome prayer☺

The best part about all this was after keeping Lord Ram's Darbar in the temple he told all the other God Statues; "Look who has joined you, your friend Lord Ram, welcome him and make him have a comfortable stay." This was followed with instructions to Lord Ram, " Enjoy your stay with us, rest tonight and you can chatter with your friend God's tomorrow. "

A pure heartfelt conversation. The next morning he did walk up to the temple to check if Lord Rama was comfortable in his new house.

Only a pure hearted child could have such an exchange. We as adults have a fear of being mocked if we talk our heart. A child's innocence is incomparable!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A fascination for Cars!

A boy and his fascination for cars is common knowledge, but the extent to which this love goes is beyond comprehension.

We have a collection of cars, all possible types of car, big car, small car, remote control car, push cars, all possible colour cars.The drawers and toy baskets are spilling with cars. Anywhere around the house you can spot a random car, on the bed, on the sofa, in the kitchen...

At 5, these children know all car logos, can compare cars and also have an opinion on which car to buy.

On birthdays the best gift is considered to be a car, other toys discarded as too complex to play.

The favourite films feature exclusive flying cars in cool sleek colours.

Reaction on seeing cars vary from awesome to aww to superb or its soo cool...

Its just some in built gene in them that attracts them to cars and all things associated with it.

A known joke is how the boy dotes over his prized possession and willingly breaks up with the girl who makes him choose between the car & her. No second thoughts here 😀!

A New Year Gift

My little one is an extremely appreciative boy. He thanks you from the heart for all the little things you do for him. And these are genuine heartfelt thank you messages that he conveys.

As the new year started we walked down to the nearest toy store to pick up gifts for his friends birthday.

In all innocence he promises me that there will be no tantrums for any toys for himself as he has just got a Christmas gift but asks me for permission to touch  and checkout the toys.

Knowing fully that he really wants to buy some new little car toy for himself I take him along.

Very happily he explores the store showing me things he likes, telling me of the different occasions I can buy it for him but never once insisting to buy one right away.

As I pick up a couple of toy cars and ask him which one he wants he squeals with joy asking me if there is a occasion to buy it now.

I tell him it's a New Year Gift and delighted he picks one.

On our way back home, he looks up to me smiling and asks me..." Can you see the smile reaching all the way upto my cheeks?" As I nod my head and acknowledge he let's me know it's the happiness he feels for having me as mummy ☺

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Faith...

So my little one is a strong believer in in a friendly person who looks out for him.

There are God's of his age & Mummy Papa God's. Kannudo and Ganesha are his friends who play pranks like him and get scolded by Mummy God for being naughty but are basically good and friendly boys.

Papa God's are Ram Bhagwan, Shankar Bhagwan who destroy evil people like Ravan and protect us. So they are the big people who take care of us.

So on Maha Shivratri we actually walk up to Ganesha and ask him the surprise he has planned for his papa.

The other day we ended up with a conversation with Krishan bhagwan telling him that we have a surprise for you on his birthday telling him to look there and then pulled out a peacock feather  key chain with loads of excitement . It was a genuine happy delightful moment.

Luv Kush are the new favourites with their  antics and a little jingle of Shiva. The faith is so strong as they are more of friends that God that we consider them.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Yo Man!

Everything thing is Yo !!!

Yo mummy...will do this...Yo, I need this! is kwel...😊

Welcome to the new lingo world, picked it up from my elder brother. Also, now I am photo bombing all my family pictures with a Yo shot!

I enjoy saying Yo instead of yes since its more kwel sounding. And I think everything else sounds very "Rubbish".

My parents are amused, caught them with a smile on their face when I chatter away! But yo they share my enthusiasm when I rock n roll. I have my on little rap with "Yo & Mamma Miaa".

A hilarious little fellow I am and keep checking with my mom..." That was funny n, you think I am really funny". Not sure if mom laughing at my jokes or at my conversation, but Yo...she laughed !